Have you ever felt your CMA map of properties was lacking in some way? 

Did you ever want to include all the property information on one map instead of in an accompanying table? 

Presenter Pro is the bundle for you! 

We are able to map comparables, assemblies, or commercial spaces on one map using our custom presentation tool, iBOMB. 

Here are some examples of how iBOMB can be used to set yourself apart as a REALTOR®: 

Custom CMA Mapping

Present comparable properties on a glossy aerial image with all property details included on map. 

Fig 1: CMA in the Arbutus Corridor of single family detached active listings and sales in the last 6 months. 

Assembly Mapping and Presentation

Map out and share assembly sites with developers, investors, or team members. 

Fig 2: Map showing assembly properties under exclusive contract (green), contract pending (yellow) and un-contracted (red).

There are other ways iBOMB can be utilized to set yourself apart, you can map traffic counts on map, cap rates, building condition among other things. 

Feel free to reach out to support@autoprop.ca if you have additional questions. 

Check out our guides for different workflows on iBOMB below:

What is iBOMB?
Saving Development Applications in an Area
Display Land Assemblies in iBOMB
Display Your Sales Inventory

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