IBOMB stands for Information Bubble On a Map Builder, with that being said, in essence it's a presentation tool for Land Assemblies, CMAs, and also can be used as a CRM tool.
The workflow for using IBOMB is this: 

  1. Select the properties you want on the map, then load data on them. If you're not sure how to do this, consult this guide

  2. Once all the data is loaded click the export menu and "Export to IBOMB" then GO, this will export all the properties you've selected and all the data you've loaded on them. 

  3. Name the export, then click the grid button on the top left of your screen and open iBOMB. This will open a new tab with IBOMB ready to be utilized. To view your properties and their data click "Load Project" and select the project you just exported with the corresponding name and time it was exported.

  4. Your properties are now placed on a map, to access the information on each property simply LEFT click on the property you want to know about and an INFORMATION BUBBLE will be displayed. You can EDIT the data or ADD data to that information bubble by clicking the pencil icon.

You can control how much info is displayed in the bubbles that appear when you LEFT click on a property by clicking "COLUMN DISPLAY" on the left side of the page. A trick that I like to use is then clicking the "DESELECT ALL" button at the top right and then turning on whatever it is that my client wants to see. 

These are the basics of IBOMB, consult another article titled "Advanced IBOMB Functions" to learn how to control displays, import spreadsheets from Paragon onto a map, and export added info back to Excel. 

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