1. Display the dev apps you're interested in on the map by activating the development layer in the layers box. 

  2. Right click the properties underneath the dev apps you're interested in displaying

  3. Click the "Properties Table" button then click "Load Data", ensure "Development Applications" is one of the data sources you're loading. 

  4. Click the Export to iBOMB button next to Load Data, name the file appropriately then open iBOMB. 

To open iBOMB, click the top left of your screen (grid pattern button) and open iBOMB. 

Once in iBOMB, you'll need to load the project you just exported. Once it's loaded you can click the properties and an information bubble will pop up. If there's just a link you can edit the bubble by clicking the pencil at the top of the bubble and copy paste the details from Site Finder into the iBOMB presentation. 

  1. Load the exported project

  2. Tailor the displayed info by clicking "Column Display" 

  3. Insert the dev app details if needed by clicking the pencil and pasting in the details from Site Finder. 

To share the details, you can click "Print" on the left side of the screen and print a hard copy or save it as a PDF and email it to someone. It will print whatever you have visible on your map.
IMPORTANT: If you want to load your project with the changes you've made you need to click "Save Project". You can then sign back into AUTOPROP and click Load Project and it will be there with any alterations you've made. 

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