iBOMB is an excellent tool to help you display and present potential land assemblies. 

Step 1: First you want to find properties with a potential for development/rezoning.

Step 2: Once you found a potential assembly, you want to select the properties in the assembly in Site Finder as well as load data that you would like to display in iBOMB.

Select your properties:

Step 3: Load Data:
Click on the Properties Table button and click on the green Load Data button. Select the data points that you would like to display in your iBomb presentation and click on Update

Step 4: Now we can export the properties with the loaded data to iBOMB. Simply click on "Select Action" then "Export to iBOMB" --> name your project --> click Export and open iBOMB.

Step 5: Open your project under Load Project

Step 6: From here you can:

  • Add notes/additional data to all information bubbles at once. 

  1. Name the ENTIRE column of data that you're going to add to each property. 

  2. Turn this data ON in the bubble so it shows up when you click the properties. 

  3. Insert data on each property where appropriate. 

  4. Click "ADD"

  • Column Display allows you to remove or add certain data from all information bubbles.

  1. Turn data ON or OFF using the sliding buttons.

  2. Click UPDATE VIEW and your bubbles will be trimmed or expanded accordingly. 

  • Uploading an image and editing data: 

  1. Choose a downloaded or stored photo from your hard drive. 

  2. Click UPLOAD IMAGE to embed the chosen image. 

  • Color code properties based on data: 

  1. Choose what data you want to colour code under "Grouping Column".

2. Adjust colours by clicking the coloured box and clicking within the colour spectrum and shading meter. 

  • And Much More:

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