AUTOPROP's land use layers provide you with a very powerful tool-set for finding properties with potential for rezoning. 

In this use-case we will take a look at the Lonsdale area in the City of North Vancouver. 

We want to look at the existing zoning on properties and compare this to the OCP designation (other municipalities it might be NCP or Local Area Plan) to establish the potential for rezoning. 

  1. Click the blue layers button 

  2. Open Layers

  3. Select  Land Use. Turn on OCP.

The OCP layer is now activated. 

Each land use designation has assigned it's own colour on the map. When you click on any property on the map an information bubble will pop up which will provide you with the OCP designation

When you right click the property (this will select the property), it will also show you the current zoning. In this case it is zoned for RM-1 Medium Density Apartment Residential 1 and under the OCP it is designated for Residential Level 6.

When clicking on the Residential Level 6 link to open the City's OCP, I found that Residential Level 6 (High Density) allows for a FSR of 2.3 and a Maximum density bonus of 1.0 FSR.

Next, we want to see where existing development applications exist and what is being applied for. To do this, click layers --> Development --> select Active and Inactive. The applications will show up on the map in dark blue (pending approval from the city) and light blue (concluded with the city). You can see there's a development application for a neighbouring property which is is also zoned RM-1 and designated Residential Level 6 in the image below. The applicant is applying for rezoning to permit development of a 13 storey residential building. 

Lastly, we can select the subject properties with potential for rezoning and find essential details such as the sales history, lot size and assessment value.

Follow these steps to select multiple properties and Load Data:

  • Click on one of the selection tools at the top of your screen.

  • Drag a rectangle selection or click around the properties to create a custom selection shape.

  • When the properties highlight in red, you can click on the Properties Table button in the bottom left corner which indicates how many properties you have selected. 

  • In the Properties Table, click Load Data.

  • Select the data sources you would like to access and click Update.

  • When the data has loaded, click Export CSV to save the data to an Excel file.


  1. Load Zoning and OCP layers

  2. Determine difference in existing zoning and OCP designation

  3. Find development applications in the area to establish a trend

  4. Load data on potential properties

OF NOTE: The layers you need to utilize for prospecting development sites will differ depending on the municipality you're searching in. For instance, Vancouver has NO OCP, they use Local Area Plans to designate where you can densify neighbourhoods. So, you will need to activate that in your layers console. 

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