Commercial comparables can be accessed through Dashboard as part of the Broker Listings feature. 

To access this:

  1. Log into Dashboard

  2. Zoom into an area you wish to study

  3. Open the 'layers' modal

  4. Select 'Comps'

  5. Activate the 'Broker Listings' layer

You can then filter for the listing type, brokerage, land category, and even square footage that you're looking for.
**NOTE: You may want to start with your land category as "All" as all broker sites categorize differently. 

To export visible listings:

  1. Look in the bottom left for the 'spreadsheet' button

  2. Click on it to activate the 'listings table'

  3. You can easily export visible listings from this table into excel to save them.


  • If you can't activate the layer, you simply must zoom in further¬†

  • Currently, everytime you move the map, the search results update

If you want more information added to this feature, please request it by asking us using the intercom button at the bottom right of your screen!

Thank you

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