The process for setting up saved property folders and enabling notifications for them in AUTOPROP is as follows:

1.) Select Properties in AUTOPROP

The first step is to select properties in AUTOPROP. You can do this using the selection tools, or by right clicking on the map.

Once you have selected the properties you want, you can save them by activating the Properties Table:

2.) Save Properties

Once the Properties Table is activated, click on "Save Selected":

NOTE: you can also select only a portion of the properties using the checkboxes on the left side of the table.

You have the option to either:

  • Select an existing folder

  • Create a new folder

3.) Create a New Folder

If you elect to create a new folder, you will see the following screen:

Choose a name for your folder. If you want to enable Notifications for this folder, leave the checkbox turned on (you can disable these at any time as well).

4.) Select Notification Types

You can select any notification types you like in this screen:

Here are specifics on the available notification types at this time:

  • PID is deleted (Subdivision or Assembly): notifications will trigger when any change in the parcel fabric is detected, either by way of subdivision or assembly of properties.

  • Changes in zoning on parcels: notifications will trigger when the zone code changes on a property (rezoning).

  • Changes in status on existing development/rezoning applications (i.e. approved): notifications will trigger when either:

    • A new development or rezoning application on your PID is detected.

    • A development application or rezoning application is removed from Active status.

    • A development application or rezoning application changes information such as status or description.

  • New land use layers: notifications will trigger when the land use layer is added or changed for your PID. Layers are subject to availability in AUTOPROP, and can be used for the following:

    • OCP: Official Community Plan

    • NCP: Neighbourhood Concept Plan

    • LAP: Local Area Plan

    • DPA: Development Permit Area

  • Remove listings on Broker Listings: notifications will trigger when a listing from our Broker Listings amalgamation is removed.

  • New listings from Broker Listings: notifications will trigger when a listing is added to our Broker Listings amalgamation.

    • NOTE: You can customize the filters you want to show for notifications as well. Use the filters as you normally would in Broker Listings.

Finally, click "Save and Preview".

Congratulations, you've now set up your first Saved Properties Folder with Notifications enabled.

NEXT STEP: Reviewing Saved Properties and Notifications Settings


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