AUTOPROP now has a Notifications feature, which will allow you to track changes in various pieces of property information. The available changes to track are currently:

  • Changes in PID (subdivision activity or stratification/land assemblies)

  • Changes in Zoning

  • Changes in Development Applications

  • Changes in Land Use Layers (Official Community Plan, Neighbourhood Community Plan, and Local Area Plan)

  • Changes in Broker Listings - Removed Listings

  • Changes in Broker Listings - New Listings

All changes are subject to layer availability in AUTOPROP, with the exception of changes in PID which covers all of BC.

To inquire about adding the Notifications feature to your AUTOPROP account, please contact Jusleen Phagura.

If you already have Notifications on your AUTOPROP Account, please click on the links below to find out how to set up Notifications on your saved properties:

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