Now that you've saved some property folders and activated notifications alerts on them, let's review how to access the folders and make changes.

1.) Accessing Saved Properties

Saved Properties Folders can be accessed using the Account Settings dropdown. Click on the Saved Properties icon:

2.) Functions in the Saved Properties Folder Menu

  • 1: Click on any folder to open the dropdown and show all the properties in this folder.

  • 2: If you want to turn Notifications off for any folder at any point, simply click the Notifications slider. You can also use this to turn on Notifications for folders where they are disabled.

  • 3: You can click the Actions menu on any folder to reveal the following options:

    • Select all properties on the map: this will add all the properties in the relevant folder to the map.

    • Add properties using PID(s): this will open a screen to allow you to add additional properties to your saved folder by PID.

    • Rename folder: allows you to rename the folder in question.

    • Notification types: allows you to change the active notification types for the folder.

    • Notifications history: opens the notifications history screen for your review.

    • Delete folder: allows you to delete the folder in question.

3.) Expanding Properties in a Folder

When your folders are expanded, you will see the individual properties in the folder:

Use the target icon on the left of each property to locate them on the map.

4.) Adjusting Notifications on a Folder

To adjust your notification settings within a folder, click on the Actions menu on the folder and click on "Notification types":

You will be able to adjust and remove or add settings in the same modal you originally set up the Notifications on the folder in:

5.) Review Notifications

For any folder with Notifications activated, you can review the Notifications History by clicking Actions and then "Notifications History":

The history will show any changes and what time they happened at:

Click on any change to reveal more information:

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