Create Property Reports containing AUTOPROP Map Data related to the parcel and surrounding areas.

This feature comes in handy when you're conducting your property and land-related research. While you can Access Land Use Layers on the Map using the Layering tool on the AUTOPROP Map, you can now also easily include the same data in the Property Report.

Start by opening a Property Report on a parcel of choice.

In the Property Report tool bar, click "Adjust Report Contents":

Next, you can add in any AUTOPROP Map Data you'd like to include in your Property Report:

When you're happy with your selections, click "Update". Your selected AUTOPROP Map Data will load into the Property Report.

You can set datasources as defaults by selecting the stars adjacent to each data source. The star will turn yellow once it's a default.

Tips and Tricks on AUTOPROP Map Data in your Property Reports:

  1. You can easily add, remove and sort datasources in your Property Report by using the 'Adjust Report Contents' and 'Sort' buttons in the tool bar at the top.

  2. You can adjust datasource sub-parts (e.g. Land use or Development) by clicking on the 'Adjust' button next to each datasource in the Report.

  3. When printing, you can select/de-select specific datasources when no data layers are detected.

  4. Each datasource will display as separate map with a short description below within your Report.

  5. You can adjust your Zoom Level on the datasource map to display a larger area and data layers around your subject property. The description below map will adjust to include any additional data that loads in.

  6. You can switch between Aerial and Map views.

  7. You can opt to show layer labels on the map.

Please Note: The Land Use datasource will show a summary of all related Land Use information first, then show each layer on a separate map with description below:

AUTOPROP Map Data is only available where data exists in AUTOPROP. If data does not exist, these sources will be blank.

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