AUTOPROP is able to use your VIVA MLS account to automate listing searches for you. It is a quick and easy to use tool that will help you with CMA's and even prospecting.

First you want to start with selecting a property. Whether you are going into a listing presentation for this property, doing a CMA for a buyer or if you are just interested in searching for listings in this area.

  1. You can select a listing by typing in an address in the address bar and selecting the correct address from the auto-fill.

Or, you can just right click the property to select. The parcel will be highlighted in red when selected.

2. Next, you click on the Property Report button.

3. Once you clicked the Property Report button, your report will automatically load with the defaults that you have previously set. We will click on the green Adjust Report Contents button to set our default search criteria for the comparables.

4. In the Adjust Report Contents menu you'll see VIVA MLS Comparables in the right column.

Every time you activate the VIVA MLS Comparables checkbox, default criteria will be. This will do a broad search for you around the selected property.

These include:

  • Search radius at 1km

  • Listing status to Active, Sold and Pending

  • Sold date to 6 months back

You can change any filters you like.

To save your new default search options, click on the star next to the VIVA MLS Comparables header to turn it Yellow. This will make your preferred settings the new default for the data source every time you run a report.

Click Update to run the changes in your report.

5. After a few seconds all the listings will load into your report. To navigate to the comparables in your report, click on the Go To button and select VIVA MLS Comparables. The report will jump down the page to the comparables.

Now you see on a map and in a list all the listings that we found for you:

6. Because we set the default search criteria quite broad we now want to enter in the search criteria specific to your subject property or your specific search.

Click on the Adjust button just above the map on the VIVA MLS Comparables header.

Set your property/search specific search criteria and click Update (TIP: look at the table with listings first to see what ranges you can set for your search criteria).

Your new, more specific search has loaded in.

Search by ML#

One of our newest additions is the ability to search by ML#. To do this, you will need to copy in ML Listing Numbers to the Search by MLS # field:

You can either use the radius search in conjunction with this or disable it. For example, if you have all the listings you want from VIVA, you can copy the ML#'s into this field and disable the radius search:

This option will only show you the ML Listings you have selected. If you want to have our system search your defined radius too, simply leave this slider enabled.

Additional Options

1. Adjust table columns

Our newest feature allows you to adjust the table columns you see in your report. To do this, click the "Adjust Columns" button above the table:

This will open the Customize Columns modal:

You can do the following:

  • A) Add or remove certain columns from your Comparables table

  • B) Sort the order you want to show the columns in

  • C) Toggle the "Save as preset" options if you don't want to save your changes as your default output. Otherwise, when you click Customize our system will remember your changes for next time

We are always open to suggestions for new columns!

You can also increase or decrease the font size of the table using these buttons:

2. Remove individual listings from the table

Click on the garbage bin button next to the listing to remove it from the table.

2. See Averages calculated from the table

We calculate Average Sale Price, Average List Price, Average Days on Market and Average Price per Square Foot. Check for these averages at the bottom of the Comparables Table!

3. Download the full listing

Download the full listing in Full Property View, One Page Client, One Page Agent, or Photos View by selecting the checkbox next to the listing in the table and clicking on the Download Full Listing button.

Select the type of report from VIVA you would like to download. You can select them all if you like!

The full listings are now loaded below the table.

You can also export your table with listings as a spreadsheet. Just click on the Export Table to CSV button.

Did you know you can import these listings back into AUTOPROP for prospecting purposes? Copy the PID's from your exported CSV file and use Manual PID Entry to find the properties in AUTOPROP.

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