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How to sign up for LTSA Enterprise
How to sign up for LTSA Enterprise
Some tips on signing up for LTSA Enterprise and syncing it with AUTOPROP
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To sign up for LTSA Enterprise, navigate to  From there, click "myLTSA Login".  Below the information fields, you can then click "Select  myLTSA Service". From there, choose "Request a myLTSA Enterprise Account". 

It will then ask you to input your organization's legal name (as it appears on your taxes) and your (incorporated) business number (just the first 9 numbers). These must match exactly how they are on your tax statements, the name is case sensitive.

NOTE: If you aren't a P.R.E.C or don't have a (incorporated) business number, you won't be able to continue on this page. A myLTSA Technical Support representative can provide you with a number to enter into the Business Number field in order to complete your customer account request.

You can call them here: 604-630-9630, and press 3 for technical support.
Tell them you are a real estate agent, you do not have a business number, but you would like to sign up for an LTSA Enterprise account. Please have a copy of a GST slip handy. The LTSA representative will ask you to email a picture or scan of your GST slip to them.  Once your email is received, the LTSA representative will return your email with a number to enter into the business number field and you can continue with your account application. 

Once you've completed your sign up, there will be a short lag period as the account is processed. Once it's activated you will need to sign in and create a deposit account. You will have to transfer $250 into your LTSA account to activate it. 

Follow this guide for setting up your deposit account:

After you've set up your deposit account and transferred the $250, you'll need to adjust a couple of settings to properly sync with AUTOPROP. The first is answering all of the email update questions you see when you sign into
You NEED to answer the email update questions YES or NO you can't leave them as "Ask Later".

Make sure you click SAVE when all are answered. 

The last step is to enable electronic filing of documents, this allows AUTOPROP and LTSA to work in tandem, streamlining your workflow.
Access your account settings by clicking ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT then USERS. Click your name in the USERS page, it acts as a link to your account settings.

Once on your username account management page, navigate midway down the page and ensure SEARCH AND FILING USER is checked and that it's linked to your deposit account. This will auto check the view account balance box, if it doesn't, make sure that's also checked.

You'll then have to go to the bottom and click UPDATE USER, this will require a LOGOUT and then LOG IN to completely update the settings.
You're now free to input your details into the Data Source Integrations page in AUTOPROP located here:

Congratulations! you can now utilize the LTSA features within AUTOPROP!

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