Welcome to AUTOPROP!  The power of our tool lies in connecting to all of your independent data sources at once.  Below are some tips that will help you complete initial setup as quickly as possible:

Have your logins ready:

  • Have the username and password ready for any of the databases you wish to automate.  These include: Land Titles Enterprise (ltsa.ca) and Commercial Edge.

Set up an LTSA Enterprise account:

  • While LTSA is not required to use AUTOPROP, having an account adds powerful functionality (you can purchase titles directly in AUTOPROP).  If you don't have one, here's a guide to help you sign up: LTSA Enterprise Sign-up Guide.  

Review AUTOPROP Fundamentals:

  • First, review the Skills Centre Guides in the Help Centre.

  • Visit our Video Collection for visual reference on how to use AUTOPROP. 

  • Our users get up to speed 70% faster after reviewing these guides.

Receive support:

  • AUTOPROP offers ongoing support for all our users.  The most reliable way to get in touch with us is through in-app chat.  Please log in and click the following icon in order to reach us:

Share your new feature ideas:

We love to hear about new features, databases, or searches. We work hard to implement the most requested items.  Please include a brief 'use-case' as well as links to websites and even screenshots.

We are excited to help you accelerate your business!  


-The AUTOPROP team

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