Reports and Summary Sheets can be emailed directly from AUTOPROP. (See how-to here)
It is important to have the correct default email app settings, so the email will open with the app of your choosing. You might have seen it happen before when you click on an email address or "mailto" link, it will open an email app you don't use. In this article we will guide you how to set up the correct email app to open those mailto links.

We will show you how to set defaults for the following systems and devices.
Jump to instructions for: Windows 10 | Apple computers (OSX) | Gmail (or other web mail)

Windows 10

1. Click on the Start Menu button bottom left

2. Then click the Settings menu item

3. In the search box type "default" and select "Default apps" from the suggestions

4. Look for the Email heading
5. Click on the current default email client just below the heading
6. From the Choose an app menu pick the email app you want to set as your default, for example Outlook.
7. Close the Settings menu and you're all set!

OSX (Apple computers)

1. Open Mail (search for the Mail application by hitting Command+Spacebar on your keyboard and typing "mail")

2. In the top right of your screen click Mail and choose Preferences.

3. Make sure you are on the General tab and choose your email application from the Default email reader dropdown menu.


1. Open Chrome and go to the Handlers setting menu by pasting this link in a new window or tab: chrome://settings/handlers

2. Turn on the horizontal switch where you can allow any website you visit to ask if it can become Chrome's default "handler". (If it's already switched on, switch it off and on again -- this can prompt Gmail to re-ask you to become your default handler, if you've been asked before and want to change your answer.)

3. Open Gmail in Chrome and click on the Protocol Handler icon

4. Choose Allow Gmail to open all email links.

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