Are you not able to find an address using the AUTOPROP Search? Not to worry, this is quite common. Oftentimes the postal address is different than the civic address (which is in AUTOPROP) or you might only have the address for a lease/rental unit in a building, but not the actual civic address of the building. 

In this guide we'll show you how to find a property if you can't find it in AUTOPROP.

As an example we'll take the address of Waves Coffee on W Broadway in Vancouver. According to google maps the address is 1095 W Broadway. However, when we type the address in AUTOPROP Search, the address can't be found.

Instead of using AUTOPROP Search, you can change the search to Google Maps, by clicking on "AUTOPROP Search" next to the search bar. 

Google Maps search will calculate addresses, even non-existing ones, by approximate location. 

When you switch to Google Maps search, you might have to hit the space bar for the suggestions to show. 

Click on the correct suggestion and a pin will be dropped on the map where Google thinks the address is located. You see that the pin is dropped right on top of the Waves location on Broadway. 

Lastly, right click on the building to select the property. You'll see that the actual address is 1093 W Broadway. 

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