AUTOPROP has made customizable branding available on your property reports! Learn how to spiff up your branding with this quick guide. 

Take a peek at our very own cover model Charlsy's Custom Banner Branding!

First Steps:

Under the Gears Icon, click on 'Report Branding':

At this point, you have a few choices. You can select No Branding, Banner, or Personalized Information. If you choose one of the latter two options, your first step will be to change your Report Branding Style to 'Modern':

Next up, we'll have a look at the Banner option for branding. 


Select Banner (1) and choose an image to upload (2). The dimensions that work best for the banner are : 1035px by 182px.

If you do not have a banner, do not want a banner, but do want to incorporate a headshot and/or logo, choose the Personalized Information (1) option. Enter in your relevant details (2) and upload a headshot (146px by 182px) (3):

Next on the docket, upload a logo (546px by 182px) (1) and if you'd like, add in your slogan (2):

We're almost there! Our last step will be incorporating our thematic colour. Choose your theme by moving the selection tool indicated below:

 If you have a specific colour on your website, there is an easy way to identify the hex code (alphanumeric code representative of a colour). 

You can use this website:

to upload a screenshot (or image of any marketing materials containing the colour) (1), click on the part of the image that contains the colour (2) and then copy the hex code from that colour (3).

Head back to AUTOPROP's Report Branding Style section (bottom of the Report Branding page) to input the code (saves automatically)!

Et Voila! You're reports will now contain your Customized Branding/Colours! Here is an example of the Personalized Information option for Custom Branding:

And again, the Banner option:

You're all set! 

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