AUTOPROP is a great tool to firstly isolate a specific zone in a municipality, then select properties within that zone. You can also load data on the properties so you can reference specific lot sizes or assessment values.

Searching by zoning can be done 3 different ways:

  1. Zone Search - easy and quick way to view specific zoning areas

  2. Zoning layer - find all zoning areas on the map

  3. SiteFinder - advanced search tool allowing you to search properties by zoning, lot size (and soon more).

Zone Search (only available for REBGV and VREB or with the Commercial Pro package)

Isolate the zoned properties 

  1. Navigate to the municipality you want to search in

  2. Hit the Zone Search button at the bottom left of the map. 

  3. Choose the municipality and zone you wish to isolate 

  4. Choose a bright colour that will stand out easily on the map (pink, yellow and green work well). 

  5. Click Add

You can then use the selection tools beside the address locator to select the properties within your desired zone. 

  1. Select properties within the isolated colour for a specific database. 

  2. If a strata selector pops up you can just click cancel for an un-stratified database of single PID parcels (these are easier to assemble as they'll have no strata board and single or few owners). 

Once you've selected your properties you can view them and load data by clicking the view properties button in the bottom left corner then the "Load Data" button. 

Zoning Layer

If you are not a REBGV or VREB member and you are not subscribed to the Commercial Pro package, you can still find zoning using the zoning layer. 

  1. Open the layers menu by clicking on the round blue button in the top left corner.

  2. Click on Land Use

  3. Turn on the zoning layer

  4. Different zoning districts are indicated on the map by colours. Click anywhere on the map to see the zoning information. 


SiteFinder is an advanced search tool which allows you to search for properties by zone code, lot size and quite a few other criteria points. SiteFinder is a stand alone upgrade, please contact us through the chat or for more info on pricing.

For a quick demo, watch the video below to see how we find all C-2 zoned properties in Vancouver with a lot size between 30,000 sq.ft. and 70,000 sq.ft.

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