You don't know the address of a property, does the property not have an address or do you want to import a data base of properties in AUTOPROP? Adding properties by PID is your solution. 

In the bottom left corner of the main map, click the +PID button.

Enter in your PID's in any format, no hyphens needed. Also any other text or number in this field will automatically be ignored. Finally click on Search. 

Next you will see an overview with all the properties found. Click Add all Checked to add the properties to your selections. 

You can now create Property Reports, Summary Sheets or Load Data on all properties.

What if I can't find the property on the map after adding it?

Once you have added your PIDs, you may not immediately see them on the map. Simply click on the Properties Table icon in the bottom left to locate a list of the properties you have loaded on map:

 This is especially handy if the PID didn't have an address associated with it in AUTOPROP. This will load the properties table. To find any property, you can use the target icon to the left side to show it on the map:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on the chat button on the bottom right in any AUTOPROP screen.

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