Do you see the following message when you are searching for MLS comparables? 

AUTOPROP searches comparable listings in real time through a direct link with the mls data base. This allows us to always be up to date with the latest additions and changes in listings. Therefore, when you see the error message that your criteria returned no results it is most likely related to the search criteria that were set. 

What to do when you see this error message?

If you don't know why your search criteria come up with no results, the best solution is to start with a very general search:

  • Search radius (and sub area if applicable)

  • Status (active, sold, pending, etc)

  • List date (Nothing Selected is a good starting point, this will find all active listings)

  • Sold date (60 or 90 days back is a good starting point)

Now you have your results, you can narrow down your search according to the results you see in the table. 

You can see what the ranges are in prices, lot size, floor area, beds, bath etc. According to these ranges you see you can set more specific search criteria. 

In the results below, you can see that 2 bedrooms in this area start at $385,000 so we know not to set our price radius below $385,000. 

Click on Adjust at the top of the data source and set your new search criteria.

In the example below I added a price range of $384,000 - $500,000, bedroom range of 2 - 2 and a minimum floor area of 800sq ft. This brought up a nice number of 15 comparables.
If you want to narrow down your search further, you can always cherry-pick from the results and remove individual listings by clicking on the garbage bin buttons.

If you are still experiencing issues and not getting the results you are expecting, please reach out to us in the live chat!

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