You can order a Land Title through AUTOPROP if you have a myLTSA Enterprise account. 

1. Make sure your LTSA account is linked to your AUTOPROP account. Go to Data Source Integrations and enter in your myLTSA Enterprise credentials. 

2. Create a report on the property for which you want to order the Land Title.

3. Click on the "Adjust Report Contents" button and select myLTSA Enterprise.

4. Select the "Title Document ($11.29) + Additional Plans" option.

5. Click on Update.

The title will be loaded into your AUTOPROP report. A copy of the title will also be saved in your myLTSA inbox.

Order other Plans from myLTSA

This is how you order a plan through myLTSA Enterprise in AUTOPROP

  1. Create a Property Report on the property 

  2. Click Adjust Report Contents in the top

  3. Select myLTSA Enterprise and choose the Registered Owner and Miscellaneous Notes option. 

4. Click Update.
5. In the myLTSA information you can now find Associated Plan numbers. Copy the plan number you would like to order: 

6. Click Adjust on the data source header. In the pop-up menu select "Document & Plan manual entry" and paste the plan number. Click update to load. (Note that you won't get charged yet at this point)

7. Finally select the plan and purchase the plans/documents. At this point your myLTSA account will be charged with the cost of the plans/documents.

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