What are Credits?

Did you perhaps see an error message:
"Your account does not have enough credits to process your selected property. Please contact support for assistance." or
"Your account does not have enough credits to process your selected properties. Please contact support for help or to upgrade your plan."

In AUTOPROP you have 3 different types of credits, credits for Summary Sheets, Property Reports and Properties Table/Load Data. 

Summary Sheets and Property Reports:
By default every users has 25 credits per day for both Summary Sheets and Property Reports. This means that you are able to create 25 Summary Sheets and 25 Property Reports per day. 

Properties Table/ Load Data:
By default, ever user has 500 credits per week to Load Data. This means that you use one credit per property you Load Data on. The credits are charged once you click on the Update button in the Load Data menu in the Properties Table. 

What if I need more credits? 

If you find yourself needing more credits on a regular basis, we offer credit boosters. The credit boosters either double or triple your allotted credits for respectively $600 and $1000 annually. You can add the credit boosters in the Billing and Features menu. 

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