Owner Names

Do you need to verify the current owner of a property? AUTOPROP can help!

The names of the registered owners can be found on the Land Title. In order to retrieve a land title you require a myLTSA Enterprise account. Through a myLTSA Enterprise account you can order Land Titles and other ltsa documents through AUTOPROP at the same rates you purchase documents directly on myLTSA.

First you need to make sure your myLTSA Enterprise account is added to AUTOPROP. Simply navigate to the Data Source Integrations page in your AUTOPROP Settings. Here you can enter in your myLTSA Enterprise login and password. 

Now your myLTSA account is linked, you are able to add the myLTSA Enterprise data source to the Property Report and order the Land Title:

  1. Create a report on the property for which you want to order the Land Title.

  2. Click on the "Adjust Report Contents" button and select myLTSA Enterprise.

3. Select the "Title Document ($11.29) + Additional Plans" option.

4. Click on Update.

The title will be loaded into your AUTOPROP report. A copy of the title will also be saved in your myLTSA inbox.


Find Phone Numbers

Due to privacy concerns, we do no longer offer the ability to search for land line phone numbers in AUTOPROP.

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