With the beautiful branded cover page of your AUTOPROP report, you can make a lasting impact on your client. However, sometimes the Google Street Image does not reflect the wow-factor the property should get. The Street View image might be out of date; blocked by a tree or a truck; it might be showing the neighbouring house, or the Street View image might be even non existent. 

Luckily you can update the cover page image by adjusting the Street View image or by uploading your own image instead.

Adjusting the Street View image

Let's take for example the following property. The view of the house is being blocked by a large tree. 

At the top of your report, click Edit Cover Page

In the Adjust Street View window, click on the left arrow to move the Street View image angle over to the left. 

Now you have a much better view of the home.
Click the Use this Street View button to apply this view to your Cover Page and click Confirm to save it. 

Uploading Custom Image

In certain cases the Street View image is not usable or you have beautiful images of the property yourself. In this case we can replace the Street View image with your own image. 

The following property was still under construction when the Street View image was taken. Adjusting the angle will not help in this case. 

At the top of your report, click Edit Cover Page

  1. Select the Upload Image option.

  2. Click Choose to find the image you would like to upload on your hard drive. 

In the next window, follow the instruction to crop and adjust the image. The preview is on the right.
When you are satisfied with the adjustment, click Save.

When you save your report as a PDF you will have a cover page that does justice to the beauty of the property!

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