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Active Development Applications

Active development applications (dev apps) are a great way to know what's being applied for in an area.
They are useful because: 

  • They allow you to see what is potentially being developed or rezoned in a neighbourhood.

  • You can see which FSRs (Floor Space Ratios) can be observed and modelled after. 

  • You can see what your competition is applying for to have developed. 

  • It allows you to see which properties have already been assembled in an area.

  • It can also be a good prospecting tool as people may be likely to sell if a development is planned close by. 

Inactive Development Applications

Inactive dev apps are a great way to find out what got passed through the city council in an area.
They are useful because: 

  • You can see where approved development applications are to better plan your application or to plan where to look for future listings. 

  • You can see what got rezoned and what FSR is possible. 

  • Depending on a variety of factors, listings may be more readily available if adjacent or next to an approved development. 

If you want to calculate the potential FSR on a property or assembly, here's a resource from the City of Vancouver: http://bylaws.vancouver.ca/bulletin/a008.pdf

To activate dev apps:

  1. Activate the layers button 

  2. Click the Layers button 

  3. Click the development sub menu item 

  4. Select Active or Inactive or both. 

  5. All dev apps will be displayed on the map, you can click the dark (active) or light blue shapes to find out more details about that application. 

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