If you are working with a database of civic addresses that does not include PIDs, AUTOPROP offers a quick and easy way to populate the missing data using iBOMB. 

Your first step is to ensure that you have the municipality for all addresses in a separate column - if you don't, you will need to manually add one in. 

This allows iBOMB to specify the address and ensure it's the correct version of what could be a duplicated address in various municipalities. 

Next, you will need to import your spreadsheet into iBOMB.

Open up iBOMB by clicking the Apps button on the top left of your screen:

Next, import your csv or xlsx file (if not in csv or xlsx, it won't work - to convert in excel, simply click "File -> Save As" and choose csv or xlsx).

To import a database, click the "Choose File" button on the left side of the command bar in iBOMB.

iBOMB will then prompt you to select a column to use to identify and map your properties. In this instance, because we don't have PIDs, you're going to use the civic address, with a municipality column as well. Your selections should look like this:

*Sheet 1 is the sheet in the excel file that the properties were on, it could differ if you have yours on Sheet 2 or Sheet 3 etc. 

Once you've clicked "SHOW DATA", your properties will be plotted on the map. The PIDs will automatically be added to those properties - you can export them back into excel with those PIDs by clicking "Export to CSV" on the left command pane. 

That will download a csv file called "iBOMB-export" into the bottom of your browser and your downloads folder. 

You now have a list of PIDs that you can manually enter into the AUTOPROP dashboard and load data on. 

**Note, there can be some address anomalies in databases. It's always good to check a few of your stratified, and un-stratified PIDs vs the address to be sure the addition is accurate. 

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, feel free to message us on our in-app chat in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

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