iBOMB (Information Bubble On a Map Builder) is a fantastic tool for both developers, commercial brokers and residential realtors alike. It allows you to present data that you've customized on a glossy map that informs and guides a user on features you wish to accentuate. 

In this guide we'll explain how to present your set of comparable properties on a map, customize the data being presented and colour code the properties for listing status.
We will even touch on how you can add assessments to your comps to compare to listing price and sale price. 

Your end result will be something like this: 

Creating and Importing Comps to iBOMB

The first step is to create a quick comparables search using our Property Report's Paragon integration. 

Once you're happy with your list of comparables, you can simply export that to Excel. 

NOTE: If you'd like to compare assessments to list and sale prices, consult this guide to do so.

You now have a csv in your downloads folder labeled "Paragon_Listings, DATE & TIME". Our next step is importing the .csv into iBOMB. 

To open iBOMB, click the top left apps button on dashboard and click iBOMB.

To import your comparables sheet, click the "Choose File" button at the bottom left of the command panel, then select the Paragon_Listings csv then "Open". 

iBOMB will now ask you how you want to map the properties. The best way to map parcels in BC is by PID. Luckily, we've added PIDs to all of your properties already.

  1. Turn "Use PID to Locate Property" to ON

  2. Find the PID column in your spreadsheet by activating the drop down

  3. I usually use address as my bubble title. 

Your File Settings should reflect this image: 

Once you click "SHOW DATA" your comps will be mapped with their respective data on the map.

Tailoring Bubble Data

If you click on a property, an info bubble will appear. You can drag it around and it will be tied to the property by a reference line to show which property the bubble is associated with.
Your bubbles may be a bit large and filled with info that's not necessarily vital to a client's needs. To tailor the bubbles:

  1. Click "Column Display" in the left command menu. 

  2. Deselect all the data

  3. Turn on the data you want to display, some examples are Sold Price, List Price, 2017 Assessed Value (if you loaded it previously)

When satisfied, click UPDATED VIEW; your bubbles now contain just the info you switched on. 

Colour Coding Listing Status

Having active and sold listings colour coded is a good way to guide a client's eye. For this: 

  1. Click Marker Groups

  2. Make "Status" the grouping column

  3. You can change the colours of Sold or Active parcels by clicking the colour boxes at the top of the marker groups (red for sold and green for active might be a colour scheme you want to use). 

  4. Click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the marker page. 

You'll now have a presentation that looks something like this:

You can click "Print" on the left command menu OR simply hit "Ctrl + P (PC)" or "Command + P (MAC)" to save this as a pdf or to print a hard copy. iBOMB also works great when sitting down with a client on an ipad. You can bring up the bubbles for properties they're interested in. 

Adding Photos To Listings

Adding photos to your iBOMB listings is a great way to really inform and set off your CMA presentation. 

To add photos to listings: 

  1. Left click a property to open it's bubble then click the edit pencil icon. 

2. Click the "Choose File" button under Image.

This will open your file explorer or finder. 

3. You need to then find the appropriate image that you've screenshotted or downloaded from an MLS or Google Street Image. 

 4. To finalize the image upload, click "UPLOAD IMAGE"

This will upload the image with appropriate sizing. You can now click your property and it will have an image built into it's bubble for your presentation. 

NOTE: If you're not sure how to screenshot you can download "Screenpresso" for PC, or "Skitch" for MAC, this will make things very easy to manage. 

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out on the chat at the bottom right of your screen if you need any assistance. 


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