Creating Databases

If you don't have the Microsoft Office suite of software on your computer, don't fret, you can still view, and edit your neighbourhood and property databases using Google's free software.
To use Google's applications, you will need to sign up for a FREE gmail account.
Once you've signed up and activated your new email, you're ready to use Google's applications. To view information on multiple properties, we'll be using the "Google Sheets" application.
You firstly want to select and load data on a specific neighbourhood. To do this, follow this guide: 

Once you've created your database and loaded data on numerous properties, you will need to export it to .csv or "excel" format. To do this, click the action menu at the top of the properties table and choose "Export to Excel" then "GO".

That will cause the .csv file to download to the bottom left of your browser, or, to your downloads folder.

Importing files to Google Sheets

Next, you're going to import your download into Google Sheets. To do this, firstly sign in to your google account and get a blank worksheet ready. 

  1.  Sign in at:

  2. Create a new blank worksheet

4. Hit "File --> Import"

5. You will then choose to upload your 'Sites" file that you just downloaded from AUTOPROP. To do this, hit the "Upload" tab on the import menu, then choose the downloaded file from your downloads folder:

That will then import the spreadsheet you've downloaded with all the data on all properties in the proper columns. 

If you have any questions, feel free to activate the chat in the bottom right of your screen and ask us whatever you like!


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