AUTOPROP is an excellent tool for targeted mailers. In this tutorial you'll learn how to select specific homes and create address labels for your mailers. 

1. Selecting Properties and load data

Without the use of AUTOPROP you might have been limited to sending mailers through a postal walk, but in AUTOPROP you can select a specific block or strata building in just seconds.
Follow this VIDEO on how to select specific properties and Load Data on these properties.

2. Creating address labels

We will be using a template for Avery labels. You can find Avery labels at Staples or Amazon for example.
In your browser, navigate to
Type in your Avery template or product number, for example 5160 and click Select. 

On the next page click Start Designing. 

If you haven't signed up for an account with Avery yet, you will be prompted to do so, or else Log In. 

When you are logged in, select your design. In this example we will select the blank design. 

Now it is time to import our data i.e. our spreadsheet with addresses.

On the left of the page click the Import Data button and click Import Data again. 

In the pop-up choos Browse for File and select the spreadsheet (you saved earlier from AUTOPROP) from your computer.

The next step is to select the data you would like to display on your mailing labels. In this case I am only interested in the address, but you can select any data you retrieved from AUTOPROP and is in your spreadsheet.
Make sure you deselect the headers. 

Click Next and drag the Available Fields of data to the Arrange Fields box and Click Next. 

Click Finish.

Now you see the data displayed on the labels and you have the option to edit and style your labels. 

The last step is to save the document as a PDF in order for you to print the labels.

Click on the Preview & Print tab
Click on the green Print Now Button
Select Download PDF

The PDF is being downloaded to your downloads folder. 

You can now print the PDF on your Avery Labels sheet. 

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