1. Create a Property Report with Paragon Residential Comparables in it

  2. Export your comparables table to excel

3. Once in excel, copy just the PID column

4. Paste that column into the "Manual PID Entry" field on the main AUTOPROP map. 

5. Hit "Search" add all the properties to your property table, then load data on them.

6. Once you've loaded the assessment values for the current year, you can export all the data to excel, and paste it back into your Paragon listings spreadsheet. 

Once in excel, copy the assessed values by

  1. Selecting the column that has the assessed values in it

  2. Copying that column

Next, open your Paragon_Listings spreadsheet that you downloaded from the report. Insert a column next to the list price or sale price column by right clicking the column header, and then clicking "Insert" or by right clicking and clicking "Insert Copied Cells".

This will put the assessed values next to your list and sales prices. You can calculate a sales to assessed or listed to assessed ratio and you have a great qualification of what the market is doing in an area compared to what the assessments are. 

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