AUTOPROP is an excellent tool for data-basing and prospecting. You are able to quickly pull up data on entire strata buildings or multiple neighbourhood blocks. However, some data sources limit the access to data to 100 properties at once. Also, computer processing power and internet speeds limit large data loads. 

In this article we will show you how to load data in batches of 50 or a 100 properties at a time.

Selecting Properties

Your first step is selecting properties. In this example we'll select a large strata complex:

  1. Right click to select the building.

  2. The Strata Parcel Selection window will show. If you want to include all units, click Add All Checked (in this case 259 units.

3. All the units in the strata complex are now selected. You can see on the Properties Table button in the bottom left corner that we have 259 units selected. Click this button.

Loading Data

  1. Choose whether you want to load data 50 or a 100 properties at once. 

2. Click Load Data. A pop up will come up on your screen, asking you if you want to load data for all properties (259) or only the 50 or 100 on the current page. Select Load Data for 50/100.

3. Select the data you want to load and click Update. 

4. The data loaded for the first 50/100 properties. Now we'll perform the same process for the remaining pages. Click on the second page and repeat steps 2 and 3.

5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 until data is loaded on all your pages. 

Export Data

Lastly you want to export all your data to CSV (Excel), KML (Google Earth) or iBOMB. Choose your option and click GO.

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