AUTOPROP has a lot of really great information housed in it's "Layers" box in the top-right of the map. 

Under the "GIS" header --> "Land Use" you can activate layers directly off a city's webmap such as: Zoning, OCP (Official Community Plan), NCP (Neighbourhood Concept Plan), and Local Area Plans to name a few. You can see the boundaries of these planning areas and usually you can even link to the city's website to get more information. Under "Development" you can activate and display all the ACTIVE development applications that are pending with a city and INACTIVE development applications that have been concluded (In most municipalities).

NOTE: Once you activate the layers on the right, simply click on the map and you will see which layer the property you clicked on falls under. The boundary of that layer is indicated by the solid line of colour around the transparent inner colour. The same goes for development applications, click them and there will be a note on that project, click the BLUE hyperlinked text and you will be taken to that development application online (where applicable). 

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