When you are looking for properties with a certain lot size, width or depth - for potential subdivision for example - AUTOPROP can help you automate this process and save you a tremendous amount of time. 

Selecting Properties.

Navigate to your area/neighbourhood of interest and select properties by using the "Draw a Rectangle" or "Draw a Polygon" tool.

Click, hold and drag your mouse from one corner to the other to draw a selection.

Load Data.

Your properties are now loaded in the properties table. The properties table button should be pulsing and indicate how many properties are selected. 

In order to get lot sizes on these properties, you click Load Data --> Select Width, Depth, and/or Lot Size under Paragon Tax Report --> click Update. (you can select other data points if you wish as well)

The data will load in the table. 

Export to Excel and Sort/Filter.

Once all the data has loaded, click on Export CSV. The data on the selected properties will be converted to an Excel file. 

Open the CSV file (it's either at the bottom left of your browser or in your downloads folder).

Now you want to sort or filter for a certain lot size, width or depth. Select the entire sheet by clicking in the top left corner between the A column and first row.

Click on Sort & Filter --> "Filter"  under the Home tab and click on filter from the drop down menu.

Every column header now has a drop down arrow.

Click on the drop down arrow to sort or filter, in this case we are looking for lots wider than 33.3 feet --> click on Sort Largest to Smallest  and if you only want to view the properties larger than 33.3 feet, deselect the boxes next to the 33, 32.7 and 33.3.

Note: BC Assessments does not have lot sizes available for every property, these will come up as n/a, if you wish you can filter these out as well, simply by clicking on the checkbox next to n/a. Another great resource for lot dimensions, if not available through Load Data, is Lot Dimensions under the municipalities GIS data source in a property report.

Now you have a list of just the properties with a lot width over 33.3 feet. 


  1. In Site Finder, select properties in an area of interest where you wish to look for certain lot sizes. 

  2. Load Data and ensure you select lot size, width and/or depth.

  3. Export to CSV.

  4. In Excel, sort and filter by lot size, width or depth.

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